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Corporate Governance and Chancery Court

Delaware’s Court of Chancery is unique.  Its unique because the pace of litigation can be daunting, the level of everyday preparation unfamiliar, the intellectual rigor unparalleled, the caliber of lawyering notable, its professionalism, and for a judiciary that is routinely exceptional.  As a lawyer, its a court where first hand experience matters.  Knowing the court, its process, procedures, its jurisdictional parameters are critical to credibility before the court.  Its not a place where flying by the seat your pants or skirt advances your client’s interests.

Conaway-Legal LLC routine appears in Chancery Court, as both lead and local counsel, on matters involving books and records demands under Section 220 of the Delaware General Corporate law, Section 274 dissolutions, Section 145 director/officer demands for indemnification and advancement, and for other injunctive relief, specific performance, quiet title actions, guardianship, trust and estate litigation and other equitable claims.  If your corporate interests are at risk, Conaway-Legal LLC both knows the Delaware General Corporate law and the Court of Chancery and can advise and guide you.

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